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Were one of the smallest scotch distilleries.

Each bottle comes from two stills.  You can bet we take very good care of both.​

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Nestling beneath the steep cliff that overlooks Oban, one of Scotland's oldest sources of Single Malt Scotch Whisky is just a short meander from the sea.

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The Oban story

A small distillery built at the edge of the sea.


When brothers Hugh and John Stevenson arrived at the frontier of the Hebrides Islands in 1793, they found little more than a natural harbor and a windswept view. Here they opened the Oban Brewing Company, their ‘Cowbell Ale’ being the first production.

They started distilling whisky the following year.

The business remained in the Stevenson family for three generations, until local merchant Peter Cumpstie purchased it in 1830. In 1880, the railroad steamed into Oban, inaugurating a new age of improved communication and transport.

The distillery has changed ownership over the years and witnessed a bustling town grow up around it. But our fierce commitment to excellence and tradition has been constant.

In 1989, Oban 14 Year Old was named one of six Classic Malts representing the Western Highlands region.


Row just a few metres out to sea, and you can fit the entire town of Oban within the single frame of a camera. And the distillery is just a speck inside that image.

Oban is one of the smallest whisky makers in Scotland. And that’s key to the character of our products. When expansion isn’t an option and the volume we’re able to produce is limited, we stand on quality, authenticity, and heritage.  

"The copper of the still has a conversation with the whisky . . . . The cleaner the copper and the more you rest it, the fresher and cleaner that spirit is."
Kenny Gray, former Oban Distillery Manager

That's why...


We have just two small stills through which each drop passes, enabling precise monitoring and control.


We ferment our malted barley for five full days for the development of rich, nuanced flavour.


We rest our stills after every run, which protects purity and taste.


We age our whisky as long as we do, with the understanding that time is essential to its aroma, mouthfeel, and palate.


Our bottles don’t have to shout for attention from the shelf. Our whisky — and our story — speak for themselves.


We’ve remained anchored to our process for over 200 years and continue to value craftsmanship over speed.

"We’ve never had to . . . . make claims that we’re the peatiest, or the lightest, or the smoothest. The whisky speaks for itself."
Brendan McCarron, former Oban Distillery Manager
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See where the magic happens. For information about visiting us in person, click here.

xFollowing Scottish Government guidelines through their phased re-opening approach, the time has come to open the doors at Oban Distillery Brand Home and welcome back our visitors. To ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees and visitors, we will be implementing a number of precautionary measures which include, but are not limited to: temperature checks before entering, limiting the number of visitors on site at any one time, increased cleaning procedures and hand sanitiser stations. For more information on how we are keeping you safe, visit
All experience bookings can be made directly with the visitor centre team by phoning 01631 572004 or emailing us at