There are seven employees at our distillery.

Every drop of whisky is made by these 14 hands.

Our values

The qualities at the heart of our success — past, present, and, we believe, future.


With our limited production capabilities, we’re not going to shout for attention or strive to sell more bottles than anyone else. Our goal is to keep our heads down and focused on crafting the highest-quality product possible.


Our whisky makers have remained anchored to their process for over two centuries. This has ensured consistency and excellence over the years and from generation to generation.


Our production is never rushed, never hurried along. Our malted barley is fermented for five days. Stills are rested after every run. We are meticulous about aging for the best flavour. We understand that time is a vital component of superior whisky.


We are a small distillery in a small, remote village. We have just two stills, amongst the smallest in Scotland. But out of this smallness comes scrupulous attention to detail, reverence for tradition, and world-class whisky.


Our label design is understated, but tells a rich story if you take the time to look. Just like our whiskies, which boast layers of complexity borne out of time-honored processes and expert craftsmanship.


The rich, complex flavours of Oban whiskies are informed by the environment in which they are produced. In every sip taste the warm honeyed spices of the Highlands and the subtle smoke and salt of the harbor air.

Honeyed spice, oak, and hints of salt air.

Their priceless expertise is handed down from generation to generation, even within families. (Just ask Derek MacLean.)